What I'm Loving Now: Topercin

Jan 13, 2021

Did you ever see My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Topricin is like Windex for me. I love it. We've got tubes all over the place. It's my miracle cream and I'm constantly talking about. At this point the company sends me buckets of samples. It's just that good.

I was introduced to it two years ago from the daughter in law of the originator. You can read about the history at their site. It's homeopathicand doesn't smell, leave a stain or require a ton of it. It's appropriate for both children and adults soft tissue injuries.

You'll get 25% off when you use the codes that I provide you on my link. If you're a Veteran, you'll get 30% off and free shipping if you use the code vet30.

Here are some ways we've used it:

*Kids fall down and we use it around the injury. Not on the cut or on top of the bruise. Around it. It draws healing blood to the area and you heal more efficiently.

*After my husbands knee surgery.

*On the front and back side of my knees after long runs.

*On my stiff 'iPhone' texting finger.

*I have clients that use the foot creme to help with nueropathy.

*My eye lid was sliced open by a rose bush. On goes the Topiricn, bruise was minimal and it healed super fast.

But here is my latest 'I love Topricin' story: A few weeks back I taught a Reboot health/nutrition class at our Canyonville YMCA. After, we went for a hike, picnic and explored some covered bridges. In my excitement to see a bridge I skidded down a tiny little hill. The gravel acted like a cheese grater on my shin and top of my foot. The pain was so bad I tried to loose lunch. Not pretty.




This pic so doesn't do the drama justice. But you get the point.




It turned black and blue really fast and then within days it was green and healing. The area healed and the pain reduced quick fast. Much more efficiently than without my Topricin.

One more tool for your healthy lifestyles toolbox. Enjoy!

Power to the family! (2013)

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