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gluten free Jan 13, 2021

I spent last week in Northern Nevada visiting friends and retrieving my daughter. Little girl had been gone for a stinkn month and it was time to meet back up with the grandparents and get her. Yeah!! That also meant I got to see what books my friend Tiffani had checked out from the library. She has a special relationship with her local library. She borrows, extracts the good bits and then brings them back long after they are due. True story.

The library is a great way to see if you really want to own a book. I know it sounds old school. But I find that it's better than owning stacks of books that you really don't want more than one or two nuggets from. Here's what she has currently:




This one is excellent for newbies and also contains some helpful info on how to work with different types of flours. New to the market and worth looking at.




Gluten free AND vegan! Really yumm!! Her recipes aren't as fat filled as you would think. I especially like the way this book includes tips, nutritional info and her thought process. AND I adore comfort food. My favorite restaurant in Eugene is Cornbread Cafe. It's a good thing it's 70 miles away and that I'm a lazy cook or I'd be prone to eating a lot of gooey/tasty recipes.




This fab handbook had the recipe for GF beer bread! OMG! Tasted like sour dough. So easy! You can follow her GF mix or use a different blend of your choice. Around here, a current favorite blend is the GF flour blend from Gluten Free on a Shoestring.




Remember that you can always ask your library to borrow a book from another one. Our little library is willing to get me books from a much bigger area of Oregon. Enjoy!

Power to the Family! (August 2013)

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