Follow Up On The Boy Two

Jan 13, 2021

Oh, the struggles. It's been an interesting month since I spoke about Hap and his Drs. appointment.

Maybe it's because it's summer and the kids are older now. I'm finding that we're out enjoying the weather and having lots of adventures. And our travels have left me very little time to prep and plan foods. Here's what we have done.

Supplements: GI Revive-2 x daily, Yeast Cleanse (Solray brand-excellent), lots more probiotics and his usual supplements. After 3 weeks on the new supplements I also added Slim (Plexus) I'm seeing great results in the food allergy world.

Food: Added some clean meat options, ie. quality sourced fish and chicken and more vege. Removed: some of the breads and crackers.

I'm totally struggling with the last part. And then we went to Panda Express the other day. I looked up their ingredients online post stomach aches. Holy Smokes. Every item we ate had gluten and soy in it. Of course it does. Then little man had Sun Chips. Garden Vegetable. Wheat! Trader Joe's jelly beans. Wheat oil! I'm typically uber strict on labels and know my restaurants. And I couldn't figure out why he had a stomach ache again and AWFUL behavior. I sat and wrote down everything we had eaten over the last several days. BAMM! No stinkn wonder. Poor guy.

It's all a matter of prioritizing. Taking care of our bodies has to trump other things that take our time. So here's the adjusted plan.

Today I'm writing out a skeleton plan for a months worth of meals. I'm mostly following SCD and pulling some menu plans from them. I'm going to shop and take one full day to prepare and freeze as much as I can. School doesn't start around here for 3 more weeks. It's like preparing for a baby coming. Some people do a little bit a day; I'm a horker. I take one day to plan and shop. One day to hork out a months worth of meals. Horker: think stuffing in as much into one day as possible. Only more planned and high energy.




Time to refocus. Love that boy.

Power to the family!

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