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gluten free Jan 13, 2021

There is nothing more irking than missing a phone appointment.Friday was the big am appointment with Happy's Dr in Colorado Springs. I verified it on Thursday and even chatted with my man early Friday am about the time difference. Yet, there I was walking in the door from my am power walk with the dog and my phone is ringing. No clue how this happened but my 9 am appointment was really 7 am my time and I was not ready for this. No shower, kids weren't up yet, kids wouldn't get moving, breakfast, get one to camp, get one to summer school, they began to fight, act professional, listen intently, geeze! not my best moments. 80 minutes later my frantic note scribbling was done.

So here's the simple scoop on the kid. He has a massive amount of extra yeast in his body. Primarily two types. Follow this train of thought. He's been eating too much food that feeds yeast ie. grains, muffins, cereals, fruit etc. And not getting enough positive bacteria in to keep the normal balance. He's also leaking proteins into his blood and bowel which is making it worse and are causing inflammation in his bowel. When proteins/sugars leak like that, it causes inflammation in the brain too. This then translates to lots of stomach aches, constipation, eczema, poor sleep, HORRID impulse issues, on and on. Poor guy has an immune system on fire because of it. What that then means is that no matter how many foods I take out of his diet once he shows a reaction to them; some other food will be the problem next because he's truly leaking-AGAIN!!

Let's talk about the impulse issues. Don't we always blame our spouse for the annoying kid traits?? I do. :) No part of my man is impulsive, that's me. Yet, he is a wildland fireman for a reason-he's a manly man that LOVES adventure. He's also extremely smart and a great leader. Little boy has the adventure streak too. He's often seen climbing the water stacks at Costco and is the wrangler of school kids and off they go exploring. Since his stomach started hurting again this Spring, he not only does all things typical boy, he stares into space and has no idea why he does things. He's also a story spinner. He's not a fibber, he truly takes an adventure and retells the story to dinosaur, unicorn heights. His Dr said to me that the fun, adventurous little dude that has started staring into space, crying over everything and suddenly 'everyone hates him' is the inflammation. The gut/brain connections are crazy. Yes, this happens for adults too.

When we first took Hap off of gluten/dairy we saw these issues stop. Then we saw them start again and I didn't even think the yeast was taking over. In the spring we went grain free and the extra oxalate from the large amounts of nuts and vegetables we eat made it worse. But being grain free calmed him down for a good month. Then it went the other way.

So what do we do now? We greatly reduce the yeast feeder foods.We starve the bugs out of him. We introduce a few natural anti fungals that are the appropriate killers for his overgrowth. We rotate his foods and introduce LOTS of positive bacteria. We give him broad spectrum enzymes with every meal and we relax for a month. In the fall I'll retest his urine and stool and see what worked. No attacking biofilm etc.

It's good to have a plan. There will be die off reactions and we need to make sure that we do things one at a time and slowly. We'll support his body with activated charcoal, epson salts baths and maybe even some herbal foot rubs. Yeast doesn't like to die, so it's important to go slow and be prepared with low sugar forming snacks. As yeast dies it causes the body to seek feeder foods= Bad behaviors, Always hungry.

The bottom line is that we need to look at the core problem and not keep trying to remove foods etc. He has a hiccup some where in the cycle that takes eaten foods and turns it into energy (Krebs). And he's got a gut that needs support to do all aspects of it's job. It could have been worse. And I'm thankful that we caught it before the inflammation started causing autoimmune issues to crop up.

We say our prayers, we're grateful for what we've got and I will focus on being as calm as possible. Hard for me during fire season. Every family has something they struggle with. This is ours. It's extremely difficult for me to share. I've gotten to a point where I'm more driven to help others become healthy than I am concerned about my pride. Thank you for all of the encouraging messages. I'll keep you updated.

Power to the family! (November 2013)

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