Fast Food, Grocery Style

Jan 13, 2021

This last weekend I taught a 3 Day Reboot cleanse at the Canyonville, OR YMCA.  It was a blast; I love learning new things from people that attend my classes. Since it ended early in the am, we decided to explore our southern county and play in the river for a bit. We all know I preach being prepared, take your own food etc. We hadn't planed on going down as a family and I didn't have a thing ready to take on our impromptu adventure. The local grocery store provided us with a dirt cheap, nutritious lunch.




Wow, those look like hotdogs. Carrots.




The photo doesn't do the headwaters of the South Umpqua river justice. The water was perfectly cold to swim in. The rocks and falls were a blast to scramble over. I even went into the water after I saw snakes.




An amazing natural food store. In Canyonville. Pop. 1882




I could have stayed in the bulk section all day. The smell.....ahhhhh.




After our river adventures and wandering around Canyonville, we explored a covered bridge in Myrtle Creek.




In my rush to see the bridge....down I went. Ugh! I did the same thing to the top of my foot.

Rinse, dry, run again.

Next time you need a quick snack on the way to soccer, on a road trip, weekend adventure etc. don't forget the grocery store. It's often your best option.

Power to the Family! (June 2013)

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