100 Calorie Snacks and Hummus

Jan 13, 2021

Call them snacks or mini meals. Either way it's good to have some 'go to' whole foods that are full of nutrition and portable.
• 1 cup blueberries
• 1 cup baby carrots
• ½ cantaloupe
• 2 medium peaches
• 1 cup grapes
• 2 cup raspberries
• ½ red bell pepper, 3 tbsp hummus
• 10 cashews nuts
• 1 tbsp peanuts & 2 tsp dried cranberry
• 29 pistachios
• 3 handfuls unbuttered popcorn

AND my favorite hummus recipe. NO, I have never peeled the chickpeas. I have made my own tahini (not good last time-chunky) or found the cheapest brand. I've used lemon instead of water. I've cut the olive oil in 1/2 for less calories. BUT never remove. The oil balances the flavor. AND I do not add more oil on top. Seriously, that's too many oily calories for this girl.

This is excellent as a base recipe. You can add other flavors ie. roasted peppers, jalapenos, more garlic post base recipe. The key is creaming the lemon and tahini and then leaving the processor on and adding one ingredient at a time down the shoot.

Doing a back flip over this recipe. My hummus was notoriously terrible prior to this.

Power to the family! 

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